Monday, July 31, 2017

Week 001– Tuesday Freebie–Seamless Pattern Kit

How are the templates created so far this week?

Well, there are quite a few programs that you can use. The main one of course is Photoshop which is a bit expensive and has a huge learning curve.  I personally like to use Paint Shop Pro which is avaialble through Corel.

There are a lot of videos on YouTube that you can watch to learn exactly how to use seamless tiles for graphic design if you are not quite sure where to start.  I wish my talents were good enough to make tutorials, but they are not. I will leave those to the experts Open-mouthed smile 

Once you have a set of seamless tiles that you want to work with you can create all sorts of products to sell or purchase for gifts.  Here are a few examples:

placeit (1)placeit (2)placeit (3)placeit (4)placeit (5)placeit (6)

The possibliites are endless and only bound by your imagination!

Here is the preview of the free seamless kit you can download for the next 24 hours.
 The link will expire at midnight EST, August 1st 2017.

free tiles preview

Click on the preview to download your freebie before it expires!

If you would like to purchase the entire kit that includes 300 designs, please click on the buy now button below:


Here are the previews for the full kit:


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